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What sets Tropical Breeze Auto Spa™ apart from other detailers?

Professional Experience:

With years of detailing experience, certified  training, and a love for automobiles, the professionals at Tropical Breeze Auto Spa are more than able to address your detailing needs.

Quality Products:

Not only are our products exclusive to authorized detailers, but we also test our products in order to guarantee their safety, quality, and their ability to provide the best protection to your vehicle.

Client Trust:

Building lasting relationships with our clients is paramount to Tropical Breeze Auto Spa. We guarantee that any recommendations we make are of the best interest of your vehicle.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Auto detailing: the thorough cleaning, polishing, and restoration of the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Not only does having your vehicle regularly detailed improve the appearance of the vehicle, it also can reduce and prevent future damage as well as preserve your vehicle’s resale value.

Usually, yes. Most new vehicles have many paint imperfects as a result from transporting the vehicle between the factory/storage/dealership, damage incurred from test drives, and incorrect storage/maintenance of your vehicle while in storage and/or at the dealership.

Depending on the service, detailing can take from as short as a few hours, to even 24 hour treatments. At Tropical Breeze Auto Spa, we take extreme care of each and every vehicle that enters our shop, and in order to ensure that we provide the best treatments possible, we do not cut corners. We take pride in being able to best service your needs and because of our attention to detail, our services and treatments may take some time.

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